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Need to Get Rid of a Tree Stump in Southampton?

Tree stumps can often be left for years, until they start to interfere with your gardening, or affect the other plants around them. While they might appear relatively harmless, if left to their own devices, a tree stump will usually grow suckers or play host to fungal plants. Although completely dead stumps won’t form these, […]

Need to Carry out Tree Work in Eastleigh?

With England in the depths of winter but spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your trees ready for the budding season. With the dull green wisps showing life in the next month or so, using a tree surgeon can ensure your foliage is prepared. Hampton’s Tree offer tree surgeon work throughout […]

Need Tree Work carried out in Southampton?

Are you looking for a tree surgeon in the city of Southampton? Then you might be finding it difficult to make a choice. Just like with other businesses, tree surgeons offer a bewildering amount of choice. However, it’s important to recognise when it comes to tree surgeons, an advert does not guarantee competence or safety. […]

Looking for Trees Surgeons in Eastleigh?

Neighbours nagging you about your trees causing an invasion of their privacy? Has one of your trees grown out of control and needs a crown reduction? Do you want to reduce the size of your greenery to allow more sunlight into your garden? If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, it […]

Information on Trees and SSSI in Winchester

SSSI stands for Sites of Special Scientific Interest’ and places that best represent our natural heritage. There are many of these sites located in Hampshire, including the Winchester meadows in the Itchen valley. When it comes to trees in SSSI, it’s essential you have a permit before having trees removed. Where can I find tree […]

Looking for the best Tree Surgeons in Eastleigh?

January: a month of grey skies, dark evenings and craggy looking trees. One of the few good things about this month is it’s an opportune time to have tree work carried out. Thanks to being bare of leaves, trees are much easier to shape, cut-down or remove. If a tree is pruned before spring arrives, […]

Looking into Trees and Planning Permission in Romsey?

We’re now in the depths of winter, when the trees are looking their most bare and bereft. However, it’s also the time when it’s easiest to carry out tree work. Are you considering removing a tree in Romsey, but aren’t sure about the legalities? If you’re thinking of having a tree removed, or pruned, it’s […]

Reliable Hedge Cutting Services in Winchester

As you’ll be aware, regular hedge cutting is essential for maintaining a tidy and attractive hedge. Without it, it can quickly become unsightly, ruining the whole look of your garden. Many formal hedges need around three cuts a year, while informal hedges naturally need much less. Hedge cutting must be carried out at the right […]

Stump Removal In Eastleigh

Tree stumps can often be left for years. That is, until they become inconvenient or end up affecting the other plants around them. If left for long enough they will often grow suckers or play host to fungal root rots. Although completely dead stumps can’t form suckers, they can play host to a whole range […]

Hampshire Tree Care

It is officially autumn as of September 23rd. We’re entering the most beautiful time of year for trees. Albert Camus described autumn as a ‘second spring, when every leaf is in flower.’ Thanks to a wet August, the autumn colours this year are likely to be spectacular. The largest country in the South East, Hampshire […]