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Need a Stump Removal Service in Southampton?

Tree stumps might appear relatively harmless, but if you need to plant something new they can be extremely obstructive. Some species can also cause problems with suckering; this is when new shoots arise from the trunk and roots.

When completely dead a tree stump won’t form suckers, but might play host to other pests and diseases, including honey fungus which spreads underground. This virulent fungus kills the roots of nearby plants, including woody and herbaceous perennials. It’s certainly not something that you want to have in your garden!

Although you can remove stumps yourself, it is often extremely difficult unless you have the experience. It can be hard to work out the right technique (burning down stumps usually isn’t effective, for instance, as they are too wet).

An experienced tree surgeon will ensure a tree stump is 100% removed- with no mess left behind.

If you require stump removal in Southampton, our team Hampton’s Tree Care are always happy to help. Our expert tree surgeons can grind stumps and roots using a stump grinding machine enabling you to re-plant or lay turf immediately afterwards.

Based in Winchester, Hampton’s Tree Care are ideal for anywhere in Hampshire, including individuals and businesses based in Southampton.

To contact us today call 01962 620 936.

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