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Hampton’s Tree care are a team of professional, highly qualified and experienced tree specialists who provide an extensive range of services in all aspects of tree care… All initial assessments and advice are free of charge so contact us for a no obligation quotation today!

Our Services

This is just to give you a quick overview of the main services we have on offer. If you have a requirement for anything not listed, please do get in touch;

Tree Surgery

Brief explanations of some of the different types of tree surgery are given below. All work is carried out to BS 3998 (the British standard for tree work) and in accordance with industry guidelines and best practices. Hamptons Tree Care also provide 24 hour emergency call out.

  • Tree Removal
    It is not always possible to fell a tree – most often this is due to space constraints. Alternatively they can be dismantled in sections. This method is particularly suitable when trees are overhanging or in close proximity to buildings, conservatories or other trees and plants.
  • Crown Reduction 
    This involves reducing back a trees branches to produce a tree with a smaller crown. The extent of the reduction is specified as a percentage. This is frequently carried out on older trees when trying to extend its safe useful life expectancy.
  • Crown Thinning
    The selective removal of the smaller branches within the trees crown to create a less dense canopy
  • Crown Cleaning
    Crown cleaning consists of the removal of undesirable branches including dead and dying branches, branches that cross or rub against others and branches that show signs of mechanical weakness which may eventually render it hazardous.
  • Dead Wood Removal 
    The removal of all major dead wood from the tree’s canopy.
  • Crown Lifting
    This involves the removal of the lower branches of a tree to a specified height.
  • Pollarding 
    Pollarding is a long term management programme that requires the removal of all of a trees branches on a regular basis. Pollarding starts when a tree is relatively small and young. It is not appropriate for mature trees that have not previously been pollarded and is not suitable for all species of trees.

Planning Issues

Before carrying out work on any tree, it’s essential to check whether the tree(s) in question are situated within a conservation area or subject of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or any other covenants. The penalty for undertaking ANY work on a protected tree without prior written consent from the local authority can be an unlimited fine and a maximum 2 years imprisonment.

You can find out if your trees are within a conservation area or subject to a TPO via your local council’s planning department. Alternatively, we can advise you on the tree work required, complete and submit the application on your behalf and act as your agent throughout the entire process free of charge – saving you all the hassle!

If you would like more information regarding trees and planning issues, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Other Services

Site Clearances

A site clearance is the removal of all or the majority of trees and other vegetation and is most frequently carried out on development sites. All of Hamptons Tree Care staff hold CSCS cards enabling us to work on construction sites. We are also registered with Constructionline (the UK’s largest certified pre-qualification database) which is used to source pre-qualified suppliers in the construction sector.

Hedge Trimming and shrub pruning

Hamptons Tree Care undertake all types of hedge trimming and shrub pruning. Young trees benefit from formative pruning which helps to encourage good structural form at maturity and prevents future problems. Some species such as Hazel can be managed by coppicing (cutting stems at the stool).

Stump Removal

We can grind out stumps of any size using different sized stump grinding machines. Our smallest stump grinder enables us to enter sites where access or space is very limited.


We can source, order and pick up any trees or shrubs you wish to have planted and offer free formative pruning and advice regarding after care. In some cases it is possible to relocate existing trees and shrubs to a new area.

Coppicing and Woodland Management

We provide advice regarding conservation, biodiversity and woodland management issues.

Tree Bracing

Bracing systems can be used to help alleviate excessive weight of major branches thus helping to prevent major limbs of a tree from failing. We use the cobra bracing system when it is desirable to retain a tree and possible to extend its safe useful life expectancy. It is important for tree bracing systems to be regularly inspected; usually annually unless otherwise advised. Props can also be used to help support lower branches that are typical of some species.