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Tree Work In Eastleigh

Winter time is here and the trees now look like skeletons, completely divested of their leaves. Although they don’t look their best, it is now easier to carry out any tree work. Without a tree’s foliage, tree surgeons can both see and execute their work much easier. Since the weather is also mild, now is a great time to seize the day and call that tree surgeon.

Do you need tree work done in Eastleigh?

Whether it needs doing before Christmas or afterwards in the New Year, contact us at Hampton’s Tree Care.

Whether you need crown reduction, crown cleaning, or thinning; dead wood removal, pollarding or crown lifting, you’ll be in safe hands with our team. With over 45 years of experience behind us, Hampton’s Tree Care carry out all work quickly, efficiently and unobtrusively.

Our services include removing trees completely- whether individually or part of a site clearance. All our work is completed within industry guidelines, including BS 3998 (the British standard for all tree work).

Get that tree work done during winter, and your tree will look fantastic once spring arrives.

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